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To search our archive of over 75,500 auction results, from 2003, enter a keyword/s and click Search under All Categories. For best results enter the name and year of publication, for example "Beano 1960". More specific searches can be made, such as "Summer Special", "Christmas", "Action gift" and "Topper Flyer".

To search all of our auction results, please click here.

Notes on searching

- Prior to 2007, we did not record the grade of the items sold. However, most of these items can be considered to be around the VG (Very Good) grade. You can read our Grading Guide on our Auction Services page.

- Prices have been rounded to the nearest whole pound.

- The results can be sorted by clicking the up/down green arrows.

- The images can be enlarged upon clicking.

- Items from the 1950s can be found by entering the search term 195, 1960s 196, 1970s 197 and so on.

- If searching for a range of comic numbers, for example Beano from #500 to #599, simply enter the search term Beano #5.

- 'No Record Found' indicates that we have not yet sold that item.
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